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「我如古真子展 紙とダンス」のためのビデオ

Music Composed and Played by Memmy Lapin /Mixed by 416 /Dance and Choreography by May /Video Edited and Video Directed by Hiroshi Matayoshi /Illustration and all Art by Mako Ganeko


会場:沖縄県立芸術大学 附属図書・芸術資料館2階 第1展示室

会期:2014年11月20日(木)〜24日(月) 10:0017:00

「我如古真子展 紙とファッション」のためのビデオ


Movie from Mako Ganeko Exhibition "Paper end Fashion" / Music composed and played by Memmy Lapin / Mixed by 416 / Photo by Dai Takano / Video Edited and Directed by Hiroshi Matayoshi / All Art by Mako Ganeko

Premiered on April 1, 2014